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I’m the founder of “Jessica Rojas Sleep Consulting” and I help people who are just like you!

Everything used to be easier, faster and just better. And now this infinite tiredness has you in it’s power and you no longer recognize yourself.
Don’t use yourself as a guinea pig and there is no point in reinventing the wheel (and certainly not on a subject as complicated as sleep).

You have enough to do. And that’s what I’m here for!

While you concentrate on your tasks and passions, I bring your sleep back into shape and not by testing and guessing but by targeted lab tests and scientifically confirmed stress management techniques and sleep strategies.
So, stop wasting time and let’s get started right away.

Let’s fix your sleep!

WHO I AM ...

My name is Jessica Rojas, and I am a trained and certified sleep coach and help performance-oriented and determined people to boost their performance by fixing their sleep problems.

My diverse experience as a long-time flight attendant at German Airline Lufthansa, both as an entrepreneur with my own event planner agency, CEO of an artist agency and as successful sleep consultant in the pediatric field with many hundreds of happy sleeping customers worldwide, allows me to understand the everyday stressful situations of today’s successful business people.

I am German and live with my husband and two sons in Barcelona, Spain. I speak English, Spanish and German.

I am certified in adult sleep coaching through:

– “Sleep Like A Boss” by Christine Hansen
– “Health-Sleep Coach” by Prof. Amman-Jensen
– “Solve your sleep” by Dana Obleman.

Further certifications:

– Pediatric sleep consultant by Dana Obleman “Sleep Sense Program”
– Parenting coach by John Rosemond


Even if you try your best you can not force your body to sleep. You want to win your sleep back, you NEED to. But even your most stubborn attempts are futile. Sleep is a complex matter and can behave like a drama-queen sometimes. I’m just saying “monkey-mind” at 4 o’clock in the morning….

It doesn’t matter if you:

  • • running a huge multinational company
  • • are an entrepreneur determined to grow your business
  • • working as an airline crew dealing with frequent Jetlag and time zones
  • • are an employee trying to make a living
  • • or a stay at home parent struggling to stay sane

We all have important jobs to do – people (big ones and little ones) depend on us. We need our energy and sanity to function well.

Don’t you agree?

You know what your life would be like, if you had energy, health and strength. And right now you feel old, absent-minded and weak and you don’t like that at all.











I did suffer from fatigue almost my whole adult life. I understand how awful it is to not sleep well and feeling so damn tired all day long.
Believe me – I do understand!
My experience of working for two decades as a flight attendant has not gone by without traces…
And on top of all that I did build my own successful business while being a mum raising two boys (and a husband).
So if I’m talking about having a complicated relationship with SLEEP – or better said the absence of any sleep relationship at all – I’m not kidding!


Isn’t it frustration to feel HELPLESS, POWERLESS, not having CONTROL over your own mind and body?

And this is exactly the reason Why I created JESSICA ROJAS SLEEP CONSULTING. I got obsessed with sleep.
When I started my journey years ago of figuring out how to fix sleep, there wasn’t too much help out there. Luckily this is changing. I became a certified sleep consultant. Many years I worked mainly at the pediatric field. All the knowledge about how amazing sleep is and how absolutely necessary gave me the motivation to tackle my own fatigue struggles.

I experienced an amazing transformation first hand when I finally got my sleep fixed. And during the process I also fixed my gut, my hormones, my thyroid, got rid of some parasites and bacteria, lost some weight (which was an impossible battle before) and said goodbye to this heavy heavy brain fog I had to deal with every day.

Having so much more energy and motivation is awesome.

Now I’m looking forward to START the day not just desperately wanting to END it.
I see the same transformation with my clients.
It’s a beautiful thing and I LOVE IT!


Ready to have some transformation of your own?

Ready to:

– wake up with energy (no alarm clock needed)
– Take on the day with a positive attitude
– have a clear mind all day long (no more brain-fog or concentration issues)
– no need to stress about sleep anymore (just forget about it)
– looking forward to go to bed and not dreading it

I assume you said YES, YES, YES to every single statement…. 

Well, then book a call with me to fix your sleep once and for all?


P.s. To learn more about how I work, click on the menu button: “Working with me”

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